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Thursday, 18 July 2013

CTET Paper, 2014 1 & 2 Exam Question Sample Papers With Answers

CTET Paper

Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is organized CBSE every year to provide recruitment opportunity for the skilled and hard working aspirants who have a keen desire to join teaching profession.

CTET Paper 1 & 2 Question with Answers

Visitors if you are searching for CTET paper1 & 2 solved questions then we are glad to inform you that your journey of searching ends here. Because here below are the questions that was asked in the CTET Papers I & 2 kindly go through all the question as it may be beneficial for you to get an idea about what types of question comes in the exam.

Directions-(Q.1-2) What will come in place of question-mark (?) in the following number series?

CTET Paper 1 Question with Answers

1. At lower classes, play-way method of teaching is based on?

Sociological principles of teaching  
Psychological principles of development and growth  
Principles of methods of teaching  
Theory of physical education programmes  

2. To introduce the concept of fractions, a teacher can begin with?

Identifying numerators and denominators of different fractions
Writing fractions in the form of a/b where b ? 0
Identifying fractional parts of things around them  
Finding fractions on a number line

3. The concept of seed germination can be taught best by?

Showing photographs of seed germination
Presenting the germination stages through drawings on the board  
Asking the students to perform an activity to sow seeds, observe different stages and draw them  
Showing germinated seed to the class and explaining the process of germination.  

4. Grammar should be taught by?

Asking students to learn rules
Giving clear explanations  
Making learner do written assignments
Enabling practice in context  

5. Lalita, a teacher of young learners, provides them with opportunities to play with clay, water and sand so as to?

Build fine motor skills. Especially of the fingers and thumb  
Dirty their hands so that they may learn to wash them
Please them and make them happy
Encourage play with no other objective

CTET Paper 2 Question with Answers

6. A creative learner refers to one who is?

Highly intelligent
Good at lateral thinking and problem solving  
Capable of scoring consistently good marks in tests
Very talented in drawing and painting

7. 'Buy three, get one free'. What is the percentage of discount being offered here?


8. when CNC or LPG undergoes complete combustion, the products formed are?

CO2 SO2 and H2O
CO2 only
CO2 and H2O  
CO2 CO and H2O

9. Prediction as a subskill is associated with?

Note Making

10. When students learn a language for bright employment opportunities, their motivation is?


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